Poster’s Ready

The poster I’ve created for the upcoming theater-show of my wife is now ready and is being published right now!
Based on a true medieval story from the Alsace.
Maybe you notice the differences between this final version and the previous one.
#entrezdansladanse #spectacle #Neufchâteau #legendes

Autumn Skyline

I was listening to old Marillion records while enjoying a beer and glancing at those beautiful record covers.
And I thought, “Those airbrushed cloudy skies, I can see that when I look out of my window.”

So I had some inspiration to photograph the twilight evening with my mobile phone, and then edit the photo into a kind of Marillion Autumn Skyline.
Please watch with the music in the background …

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So, I’ve got permission to publish the poster for the theater piece. It’s in the graphics section of this blog, as well as on this front page (scroll down).
It’s 90% finished, maybe you can spot what work I still got left to do?

I also worked a bit on this blog (hey, I just started it so I’ve got some work to do), added some pictures: old ones and a recent one.

In my research for mysterious tales from the Vosges (for the Vogeesten blog), I’ve  found some interesting stories: something strange that fell out of the sky, and some cropcircles that appeared last summer.
When they are posted on the Vogeesten blog I’ll let you know.
But here’s a picture already from the biggest Vosges newspaper VosgesMatin.

Summer Fields

#photography #field #fields #summerlandscape #summer #landscape #BWphotography #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography
A Walk In The Fields

It was a nice two hour walk last sunday, in the fields in the countryside of the Vosges hills, around our village. We’ve walked maybe 6 or 7 km while it was 30 degrees Celcius. A fresh breeze made it very comfortable though.
I thought to memorize it by means of this picture. The area looked almost exactly like it could have been one or two centuries ago, so I thought I’d give it an old style image.